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Satisfied after followup

I recently had a service call that I mis-understood to be warranty for a known problem and was disappointed to be charged $170 for a routine service call, so I called and talked to Lisa, who was VERY professional and cordial over the phone, but unable to address my concern adequately. Subsequently, the sales manager (Mike?) called and worked through the issue with me, and, I am happy to say, I was pleased with the followup and end result. I'm glad to say, The Water Doctor took an initially messy situation and turned it into a positive experience for me. We really like our Kinetico system, including R/O water! Thank you!

by Cass and Kayla Vigen on The Water Doctor of Minnesota

Kinetico water is fantastic! The clarity and taste is amazing, in fact I drink more water now, with the system.

Todd is a gentleman and a scholar. He is patient and listens to the needs of his clients and works hard to meet the client's budget. He truly went the extra mile to meet with my wife and I, on two separate occasions, to discuss the specifics as well as our options. He is also a scholar in all things kinetico, It is easy to decipher that he not only loves his job but believes whole heartedly in the product. Even after our purchase, we have continued correspondence and he has answered our questions in a timely manner.

Derek installed our kinetic softener. He is a master in the plumbing and kinetico arts. He not only solved a potential plumbing catastrophe but installed the kinetico as if his eyes were closed.

My experience with kinetico was fantastic and I would recommend these softener Jedis to anyone searching for water softening alternatives.

Great Service

I wasn't sure what to expect with my new Kinetico water softener but the first time I turned on the faucet, the difference in water quality was incredible! No more smelly water and it tastes great!

As great as this new system is, I am even more impressed with the quality of service. Everyone is busier than ever these days but Todd made the process very easy and fast! The installation crew was great too! They were knowledgeable, friendly, fast and best of all, did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.

I would highly recommend a Kinetico system from Todd and the Water Doctor!

by Steve Sedesky on The Water Doctor of Minnesota
No Smell - No Problems - Just Great Water!

We bought our house in Alexandria 9 years ago. Noticed right away that the water was very hard and had a terrible ROTTEN EGG SMELL! Called Todd and he came to our rescue - in more ways than one! Todd has been a great friend not just our water guy. He put in a new softener and we also got the Sulfur Guard product to remove the bad smell. Here we are 9 years later, no problems, no bad smell and not even a single service call! The Kinetico products & people have been wonderful.
The only water problem we have had in the past 9 years was a well pump that went bad. The reason for the pump failure was the metal pump housing had holes in it, so we were not getting any water pressure. The reason for the holes....left over chlorine tablets sitting on the top of the pump housing from the past owners taking the "CHEAP" way out. So trying the cheap, short term, fix for the bad smell turned into a $2,800 expense plus a few days without water!

Excellent Customer Service and Products

Todd has given us excellent service at the drop of the hat. When we have needed something done with out Kineco, Todd comes out right away and takes care of it. He is "Todd on the spot!!" It doesn't even matter if it's after 5:00PM. I highly recommend him and Kineco to handle ALL your water needs!!!!

by Wilfred Sommers on The Water Doctor of Minnesota
Outstanding Quality

I live in town and my water used to always smell like a swimming pool and my grandchildren wouldn't drink it when they came to visit. After I met Todd from Kinetico I knew it was the right way to go. We got a softener and reverse osmosis and wish we would have years ago! Now the visitors ask if they can take some K5 RO water with them when they leave! Thanks Todd & crew

Couldn't Be Happier

When we bought our house there was a softener there already and it didn't do any good as if there wasn't a softener at all. It was tough to decide to spend the money but since we've bought our Kinetico softener our water is perfect and we couldn't be any happier. It's very simple to maintain and we don't use much salt either!! This really was 'fix it and forget about it' - so VERY worth the cost!

by Renee Wiegert on The Water Doctor of Minnesota
No More Iron

Living on a farm with a well all our daughters had blonde hair with horrible orange/red streaks from all the iron. We thought there was nothing we could do about it, but we got a Kinetico and all those problems disappeared including the rusty toilet bowls. We have been happy with our softener since we bought it 16 years ago, has never needed service and it still does a great job today!

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